Training and Concept

Using the Internet, and credible electronic search tools, research various options for delivering worker performance training programs in this 21st century. Select a minimum of three training methods (e.g., classroom, directed study, video conferencing, self-paced, computer-mediated, manual, etc.). Using the aforementioned “Guidelines for Writing Papers”, write a 3-5 academic paper that describes a minimum of three methods of today’s training options. Include a minimum of two credible references that were used in your research.Guidelines for Writing PapersYour papers should be:word-processed using Microsoft’s Word (extension .doc or .docx)double-spacedYour papers should have:one-inch marginsa font size of 12a cover page that includes your paper’s title, your name, the date, and the course identificationan introduction that states the purpose of the paper, and provides a roadmap of the paper’s contentsparagraphs that develop and support your ideassection titles or headings, that help to organize your presentationa conclusion that summarizes the papera logical flowsmooth transitions between ideasin-text citations and a reference (bibliography) page using APA style (no footnotes)No grammatical, punctuation, or spelling errors

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Training and Concept
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