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Among the many ways in which transfer prices explore peculiar or at least unusual transaction models there is the very transfer pricing arrangement in the case of Amazon. Amazon, and American based company, sells books into Britain from a Luxembourg based company – the books are transfered from storage in Ireland. Amazon appears to avoided any UK Corporation tax by so doing. However Amazon appears to be under investigation (Griffiths, 2012) Tim Waterstone, founder of bookseller Waterstone’s in the UK, has been quoted as saying that Amazon’s tax practices reflect the company’s “rude, contemptuous, arrogant and subversive” attitude to the rest of the book trade.(Neate, 2012) Amazon is also under investigation by the US tax authorities. (Griffiths, 2012) . Give an other examplesamelike amazon one for transfer pricing. need 300 words. I need in 5 hrs on 1/12/2014. follow stickily Harvard style and give references properly. 

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Ian Griffiths, 2012, Amazon L7bn sales no UK Corporation Tax, The Guardian newspaper Wed April 4.

Rupert Neate, 2012, Tim Waterstone warns Amazon tax avoidance could kill off the UK book trade, The Guardian newspaper Fri April 6.