Twenty Years at Hull House

Write a three-page response to Twenty Years at Hull-House, by Jane Addams. Please respond to these questions in your paper: What was Chicago like when Jane Addams established Hull-House? What was Addams’s motivation for establishing Hull-House? In your opinion, how important is social work (à la Hull-House) in society? Should it be the responsibility of private organizations (like Hull-House), government, or some combination of the two? Use specific evidence from the book to answer the prompt. Your paper should be focused primarily on analysis, not summary. Use parenthetical citations for the book and footnotes for other sources (if necessary). Please keep direct quotations from the book to a minimum. Twenty Years at Hull-House can be a challenging read, but please read enough of it to answer the questions in the prompt. Your paper should be a complete essay, with an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. (You learned how to do this in high school!) The paper should be double-spaced in 12-pt font with standard one-inch margins. Proofread your paper carefully before turning it in.

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Twenty Years at Hull House
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