U.S. Foreign Policy

In 1816, before most Latin American nations proclaimed their independence, U.S. congressman John Randolph of Virginia drew parallels between was what going on in Latin America and the violence and political excesses of the French Revolution : “The struggle for liberty in South America will turn out, in the end, something like the French liberty, a detestable despotism.”that most U.S. politicians had preconceived ideas over Latin people dating back to the British colonization itself. U.S. politicians considered the people in Latin America unsuitable for democratic forms of government due to their ethnic, religious, and social upbringings. Yet, after independence, Latin American nations experienced indeed political turmoil’s, anarchy, and authoritarian governments.Did the post-independence political events in Latin America play a role in confirming or demonstrating U.S. politicians beliefs in relation to their Latin neighbors?Did the events in Latin America shape U.S. foreign policy?

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U.S. Foreign Policy
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