U.S Government

Choose one of the following: 1. The six basic principles of the US Constitution include:  Popular Sovereignty, Limited Government, Separation of Powers, Checks and Balances, Judicial Review and Federalism. Identify and explain one basic principle of the United States Constitution. Describe one specific example in United States history when this  principle  met the needs of American society. 2. An underlying principle of the United States Constitution is the protection of people’s natural rights. Explain the concept of natural rights. Choose two Amendments and explain how they help protect people’s natural rights. 3. Numerous landmark United States Supreme Court decisions have affected American society. Choose one Supreme Court case and: summarize the circumstances, explain the Court’s decision, and discuss the implications of the decision on American society. 4. Summarize the historical roots of interest groups. Identify two interest groups and discuss their impact on American society.   Essay Length:  2 pages Sources – 2 websites required List your textbook on the reference page as follows:  Political Science – U.S. Government.

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U.S Government
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