U.S History

How and why was the industrial city geographically different from the pre-industrial (walking) city? Include in your answer how were upper-and middle class neighborhoods different from the working-class neighborhood?What were the effects of the geographic separation of the neighborhoods?1. If life was so bad in these densely populated tenement districts, why wasn’t there a revolution?2. Was there anything positive about life in these poorer districts?3. What attempts were made at reform during this period? Think of the Progressive Movement.4. What were the more “radical” alternatives proposed by Socialists, Anarchists and others? Why weren’t they successful?5. In the late 19th Century cities were able to annex adjoining towns. Brooklyn and the Bronx became part of NYC in this way. Why were cities about to do this? What did they have that was attractive to nearby towns? Even towns that remained separated tried to identify with big cities by name. Think of West New York or West Paterson. Is this true today?

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U.S History
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