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Business Proposal (EXAMPLES INCLUDED!) 



As an entrepreneur you want to submit a sales proposal to solicit new business or collaborate with another business.  Your service is more expensive or you can pay less than your competitors.  Answer these questions first:

·   What service (product) will you offer?

·   Why does the organization need your product or service?

·   Why is your service better than the competitors?

·   What is the price range for your service or pay?

·   How would you support the prices that you charge or pay?

·   What specific services would you provide?

·   How would you conclude and ask for the business?


1-2 paragraph cover letter

2  page proposal (excluding cover page) should include the following sections:

·   Summary of project or needs

·   Description of your product (service)

·   Team members and responsibilities

·   Details about your idea/approach

·   Cost breakdown

·   Inclusion of graphics or photos (if it will illustrate your skills or service)

·   Competitive advantage

·   Conclusion


·   Summarize your skill set / expertise

·   Persuasive copy

·   Call to action