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For this week’s Blog #2, please answer the following questions in at least 300 words (total, not per question):1) What was your previous knowledge of the relationship between the US government and American Indians? Based on this week and last week’s materials, why might it be helpful to become familiar with the treaty relationship between the US government and American Indians?2) How does our new key term “Manifest Destiny” apply to this week’s materials/time period?3) Please share your thoughts/reactions to the “California Indians: A Neglected Legacy” video. What stood out to you, and why? Please be sure to include a specific quote/scene to support your response.4) According to Dr. Chilcote’s article, what does the “California Dream” mean to indigenous peoples? What solution does the author provide? How does this article connect to this week’s materials/time period?5) Lastly, please discuss any overall thoughts/reactions/connections you’d like to share based on what we learned this week.Remember to reach the 300 word minimum requirement (total), and also remember to post a 150 word minimum response to a peer’s post as well!

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