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A website review is a description, critical analysis, and an evaluation on the quality, presentation, design, and content of a website. The review should focus on the website’s purpose, content, authority, service provision, and goal attainment. In order to prepare your report and a 15-minute presentation, you should do the following: Select one government website, evaluate it, and include a statement of what the website developers tried to achieve, evaluate how well the developers have succeeded (from your point of view as a reviewer) and present evidence to support this evaluation (from the literature). 2. You are asked to look at the overall goals of the website from an e-government service perspective and assess the extent to which the website achieves those goals: how it succeeds; why it might fall short; how it could be improved. 3. The following are some suggestions for writing the review: a. Write essential information about the website: title, URL, Ministry/Authority, when designed/last modified, general content/service area, special features (maps, interactive services, datasets, etc.). b. State the website’s purpose. Why does the website exist? c. Identify key services offered on the website – data, online forms, interactive services/features, etc. d. Assess the implementation, design, content: i. Is the material useful? ii. What barriers or challenges did you encounter in trying to use the website? iii. How might the general public use the website? iv. How might this website be useful or challenging to the public? v. Is the website usable? Can you find things easily? is the design “clean” and navigable? vi. Canyouimprovethewebsite?How? vii. Does the website follow any criteria for the website design? viii. Other observations. e. State your general conclusions. 4. Submit a report (1200 – 1500 words) in which you review a website. A bibliography (at least 6 resources) should be provided at the end of the report following the APA style. Remember to include a title page. I already have the report – attached, create 15 slide PowerPoint presentation, It should include some attractive items such as picture/graphics/statistics

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US Postal Office Website
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