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To complete a full 2019 tax return for USA tax system for the Sheffield family. This includes all forms, schedules, and calculations. Fact Pattern for this 2019 Form 1040:

Caroline (41, SSN 282-35-3387) and Will Sheffield (44, SSN 248-90-6499) are married with three children. The names and ages of their children are Rachel (20, SSN 489-32-3884), Phil (16, SSN 525-32-3995), and Leanna (4, SSN 567-33-2323). All three children live at home. Lisa works full time and is saving to move out on her own, she does not attend college.

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USA tax system Assignment | College Homework Help
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Caroline had federal taxable income of 82,000 reported on her W-2. Will has federal taxable income of 75,100 reported on his W-2. Both had health care coverage all year. Their address is 3992 Princeton Street, Boston, MA 33024.

In 2019, Will was considering finding another field to work in. He currently works in marketing, but wants to change his career path to medical research. His employer has a tuition assistance program that pays for his tuition. In 2019, Will’s employer paid for 2,700 of college tuition for him to go to a local university full time. He is working towards a bachelor’s degree in mathematics. Caroline was injured at work in 2019. She received 600 dollars of worker’s compensation pay for her time out to heal and recover.

In 2019, Caroline won 4,000 playing the slots at a local racetrack. She received a W-2G for this income, and the IRS received this as well from the racetrack.

Will was granted (on 4/9/2009) a stock portfolio from his prior employer 9 years ago. He decided to cash the portfolio on 5/13/2019. Its market value at the time of his receipt of its value was 4,900. This was reported to him on a Form 1099-B, which was also reported to the IRS. As this portfolio was a grant, Will has no basis in the portfolio.

Will paid 3,500 of student loan interest paid to his loan holders in 2019.

Caroline and Will have paid state income taxes of 4,900 in 2019, which were reported to them on their W-2. They did not make any additional state tax payments.

Caroline and Will paid 4,200 of interest on their home loan in 2019. They also paid 3,700 in real estate taxes.

Caroline received a stock grant from her current employer 8 years ago. She is interest in supporting brain cancer research. In 2019, she decided to donate this stock grant to her favorite brain cancer research charity. Its value at the time of the donation was 15,000.

Caroline and Will have combined qualified gambling losses for the year of 3,400.

Leanna goes to day care full time Caroline and Will paid 5,800 in 2019 for her day care costs.

Caroline and Will wish to maximize their child tax credits for their three children.

The Sheffields had 17,100 of federal tax withheld in 2019. They made no estimated payments for their 2019 tax liability.

Required: To complete the full tax return for the Sheffield family as described above. Please use the filing status of “married filing jointly”.