Vegan Lifestyle

Submit a document with two sections. In the first section, summarize your research on the historical development of the topic from inception throughmodern‐day usages, both in American culture as well as the global culture, focusing on the most significant developments and contributors to the topic. Select themost significant developments and contributors to the topic. In the second section, explain the real‐world application of your chosen topic in your current location.This should include cost, personnel needed and their availability, timeframe, and local laws and regulations.Milestone Two should follow these formatting guidelines: Title page, double spacing, 12‐point Times New Roman font, one‐inchmargins, and citations and references in APA format. This section should be two to three pages and fully explain the history of the topic. You must incorporate atleast five scholarly resources.I included a outline of my topic to give a direction  and rubic.

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Vegan Lifestyle
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