Virtual Museum Exhibition

Students will design a virtual museum exhibition on ONE of the themes listed here:1. From Naturalistic to Iconic: The Paths of Style in Medieval Art2. Messages of Power: Propaganda in Medieval Art3. Imperial Obsession: The Allure of Ancient Rome in Medieval Europe4. Art and the Written Word: An Exploration of a Primary Source in Medieval Europe5. The Roots of Art: How One Work of Art Reaches Back into the PastYour exhibition will present and prove an argument based on one of these themes. This argument will be proven with the presentation of 5 selected works of art (chosen from the textbook). Wall text, title cards, descriptions, etc. will guide the visitor through the exhibition, explaining how the selected examples illustrate key points of the exhibitions thesis.The wall text, art descriptions, etc. will be written into the form of an exhibition “brochure” (a 4-5 page essay.)The textbook is:Fred S. Kleiner, Gardner’s Art Throug h the Ag es: The Western PerspectiveVolum e I, 15th Edition (Cengage Learning, 2017)If you cannot find the textbook online please let me know!

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Virtual Museum Exhibition
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