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I need 2 website contentPantelleria Pizza and pasta Bar“A new pizza & pasta restaurant set in the heart of Melbournes CBD. By utilizing old-world ingredients and preparation, Pantelleria draws inspiration from the coastal classics of Italy, Greece, France & Spain to create a menu of contemporary dishes that capture the spirit of being on holiday while fully celebrating the exquisite locally sourced ingredients.”Theos Bar – fish and chip restaurant “At Theo’s, we have been working tirelessly to produce the best Fish and Chips in Melbourne. We have brought this great dish back to its fundamental roots as we believe that you shouldn’t change something that works so well! We are firm believers that fish and chips should consist of good old, no nonsense natural ingredients: fish, potato and batter – that’s it!“For both I need (separately) 1. Brand intro spiel – most of the words 2. About us – a group from Melbourne Australia who have European background 3. Intro into the menu

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