Western Warfare and Fighting Tactics

REFLECTIVE ESSAYInvestigate and analyze Hanson’s argument that the Greek phalanx, fought by free citizenscommitted to the defense of property and democratic ideals, established a precedent for westernwarfare that has continued to the present day. Be sure to provide a discussion of the phalanx,how it worked, and how it involved Greek society. Furthermore, has this emphasis on firepowerand conventional pitched battle fought by infantry forces, rather than devastation committed byhit and run tactics, produced a simultaneous (Western) aversion to guerilla tactics and otherunconventional methods for conducting warfare? Lastly, you might also want to consider theconcept of “total war” and how it fits into this argument (if at all).Use of lecture material to enhance your discussion would be beneficial. Remember to provide acreative central argument (thesis) that emphasizes analysis and interpretation rather than mere summary. Your paper must be four to six pages, double-spaced, with a separate title page. If quotes areutilized, a proper citation in a footnote should be listed as on the bottom of this page.1Furthermore, consecutive quotes from the same source must utilize the term Ibid.2For anyadditional information pertaining to citations, refer to the Chicago Manual of Style.

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Western Warfare and Fighting Tactics
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