World Religion

Citing directly from the following assigned readings:“Fundamentals of Genocide & Mass Atrocity Prevention” by Straus (pp.214-228) (Canvas)“The Law” by Robertson (pp.91-124) (Canvas)“Nature of Good & Evil” by Oliner (Prologue & Ch.1) (Canvas or Text)“A Problem From Hell…” by Power (ch.14) (Canvas)Please reflect on ONE thing that you learned and/or stood out to you from ANY TWO of the four sources mentioned above. Have a conversation with me! Be sure to address if there was any information that made you re-think a previous assumption or question your own understanding how we address genocide and/or genocide denial?———-Make sure to cite page numbers for each example.Please keep your reflections for each example to a maximum of 200 words.Be sure to explain your reasoning for each example. Minimal and/or vague responses will be marked down.

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World Religion
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