Write a research proposal about : “how automotive sector survived

please write at least 25 pages about : “HOW AUTOMOTIVE SECTOR SURVIVED FROM THE 2007-2008 FINANCIAL CRISIS”

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it must include ; 

1- Problem ( information about the 2007-2008 global finance problem)

2- Your hypothesis (what is your hypothesis? do you have a hunch about its causes? do you have hunch about its effects?)

3- Theory (What does business pr economic theory imply for your topic? Look at microeconomics and macroeconomics, or management theories)

4- Your Research Design ( How will you test your hypothesis? Will you use a cost/benefit analysis? Will you develop a case study? Will you analyze the pros and cons of debate in economic policy or in business practice, This is your methodology. In this day and age in the field of economics and business, you need to be quantitive.

5- Potential Sources ( You should start a working bibliography,from the very start, use the correct style. See and APA writing style book as a reference)

*25-30 pages, including references; 12 point font; double spaced ;1″ margins on all sides. Images, charts, maps, graphs, etc should be placed in appendices ( these should be in addition to the 25-30 written pages)


You need to send me the 10 pages draft on March 13 2018 (Tuesday)