Writing A Prospectus

TitleIn 12 words or less, what is the working title for this study?  Include the topic, variables anBackground LiteratureThe first step in developing your prospectus is to search the literature related to the general area you want to investigate (see social problem below). In your review of recent, empirical literature, what keywords did you search and in what databases?The keywords and databases searched included     Provide at least 10 brief summaries of recent, scholarly (peer-reviewed) articles that support/justify a current and relevant problem in your discipline or professional field. Include the complete, APA citation and (a) an in-text citation; (b) what they studied; (c) what they found; and (d) why this is important in relation to your study. This evidence provides the justification for your research problem. AdsfadfadfadfadsfasdfasdfasdfadsfAsdfaSdfaDfadfAsdfAdfAdfasdf Rubric Standard | Justified > Is evidence presented that this problem is significant to the discipline and/or professional field?  Choose score.ProblemWhat was the social problem that prompted you to search the literature to find out more? Write in complete sentences using a scholarly tone.The situation or issue that prompted me to search the literature is     Now that you have read and summarized recent literature, what meaningful gap have you identified that your study will address? (What is still not known?)Although researchers have investigated this issue, there is very little or no literature on     Based on all of the above information (literature, social problem, gap), in one sentence, what is your research problem?The specific research problem that will be addressed through this study is   Rubric Standard | Meaningful > Has a meaningful problem or gap in the research literature been identified?  Choose score.Rubric Standard | Original > Does this project have potential to make an original contribution?  Choose score.PurposeTo address your stated research problem, what is the purpose of your study? Will you describe, compare, explore, examine, etc.? Complete the purpose sentence below and be sure to clarify your variables/concepts of interest.The purpose of this  Qualitative  study is to   Framework (Conceptual or Theoretical)What theory(ies) and/or concept(s) support (frame) your study and who are the original authors? Provide an in-text citation with your response, and the complete APA citation with summary in theBackground section.The theories and/or concepts that ground this study include   How do these theories and/or concepts relate to your research problem, purpose, and the nature of your study?The logical connections between the framework presented and the nature of my study include  Replace this text with your response. Rubric Standard | Grounded > Is the problem framed to enable the researcher to either build upon or counter the previously published findings on the topic?  Choose score.Research Question(s) and Hypotheses (if applicable)List the question(s) that will be used to address the research problem. Your question(s) must align with your study purpose and include the variables and/or concepts and how they will be examined.  Replace this text with your research question(s) and hypotheses (if applicable). Nature of the StudyWhat systematic approach (research design) will you use to address your research question(s)?To address the research questions in this  Qualitative  study, the approach will include   This approach is based on the work of For your planned research design, what type of data will you need and what data collection tools and sources will provide it?For my planned research design, I will need What specific data points from these sources will you need to answer your research question(s)?  What limitations, challenges, and/or barriers might you need to address while conducting this study (e.g., access to participants, access to data, requirements for storing data, separation of roles or other ethical considerations, instrumentation fees, etc.)?Rubric Standard | Feasible > Can a systematic method of inquiry be used to address the problem; and does the approach have the potential to address the problem while considering potential risks and burdens placed on research participants?  Choose score.SignificanceHow will your study address the meaningful, discipline-specific issue that you identified and therefore contribute to your field, discipline, professional practice, etc. contributing to positive social change?This study is significant in that     Rubric Standard | Impact > Does this project have potential to affect positive social change?  Choose score.Rubric Standard | Objective > Is the topic approached in an objective manner?  Choose score.

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