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COSC 2425 – Programming Project 1

You will write a simple assembly language program that performs a few arithmetic operations. This will require you to establish your programming environment and create the capability to assemble and execute the other assembly programs that will be part of this course.

Your North Lake College student ID number is a 7-digit number. Begin by splitting your student ID into two different values. Assign the four most significant digits to a variable called ‘left’ and the three least significant digits to a variable called ‘right’.

You must choose the data type that is appropriate for the range of decimal values each variable can store. You will choose a data type when you define each of the variables in your program. Try to make efficient use of memory.

Calculate the sum of the two variables ‘left’ and ‘right’. Store this result in a variable called ‘total’.

Calculate the positive difference between the variables ‘left’ and ‘right’. Store this result in a variable called ‘diff’.

Define a character string called ‘message’ that contains the characters, “Hello World!”.

Define an array of data type WORD called ‘numbers’ that is initialized to the following values: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, and 64.

Write assembly language code using what you know so far (do not look ahead in the book just vet) to determine the lenath of ‘numbers’. Store this value in a variable called ‘arrayLength’.

  • Move the contents of the variable ‘left’ into the EAX register.
  • Move the contents of the variable ‘right’ into the EBX register.
  • Move the contents of the variable ‘total’ into the ECX register.
  • Move the contents of the variable ‘diff’ into the EDX register.
  • Move the contents of the variable ‘arrayLength’ into the ESI register.
  • Call the author’s DumpReg routine to display the contents of the registers.

Submit your assembly language source code and a screen shot of the output. Call your file “XYProject1.asm” where “X” and “Y” are your first and last initials respectively. If your name were John L. Smith, the file would be called, “JSProject1.asm”.


COSC 2425: Assembly Language Project 1 with Guidance (JSProject1.asm Example)

This guide provides a starting point for your COSC 2425 Project 1, along with a commented example file (JSProject1.asm) assuming your initials are JS. Remember to replace the comments and variable names with your own information.

Understanding the Task:

The project requires writing assembly code to:

  1. Split your student ID into two variables (left and right)
  2. Perform arithmetic operations (sum, difference)
  3. Define a string (“Hello World!”) and an array of integers (numbers)
  4. Calculate the array length (arrayLength)
  5. Move variable values to specific registers
  6. Call a provided routine (DumpReg) to display register contents

JSProject1.asm (Example):

Code snippet
; JSProject1.asm - Assembly Language Project 1 Example (Replace comments with your details)

.STACK 100h

; Replace 1234567 with your actual student ID
studentID dd 1234567h  ; DWORD to store 7-digit student ID

left     dw 0           ; WORD to store the left part of student ID
right    dw 0           ; WORD to store the right part of student ID
total    dw 0           ; WORD to store the sum (left + right)
diff     dw 0           ; WORD to store the difference (left - right)
message  db 'Hello World!', 0 ; String "Hello World!" with null terminator
numbers  dw 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64h ; Array of WORDs initialized with values

    ; Split student ID into left and right parts
    mov     eax, studentID  ; Load student ID into EAX
    mov     cx, 4           ; Count for 4 most significant digits
    cwd                     ; Sign extend EAX for division

    idiv    cx              ; Divide EAX by 10^4 (store quotient in EAX, remainder in EDX)
    mov     left, eax       ; Store left part in left variable
    loop    split_loop      ; Repeat for remaining digits

    ; Calculate right part (already in EDX)
    mov     right, edx       ; Move remainder (right part) to right variable

    ; Calculate sum and difference
    add     left, right      ; Add left and right, store in left
    mov     total, left      ; Move sum to total variable
    sub     left, right      ; Subtract right from left, store in left
    mov     diff, left      ; Move difference to diff variable

    ; Calculate array length (assuming 7 elements)
    mov     eax, 7           ; Number of elements in the array
    mov     arrayLength, eax ; Move length to arrayLength variable

    ; Move variable values to registers
    mov     eax, left        ; Move left to EAX register
    mov     ebx, right       ; Move right to EBX register
    mov     ecx, total       ; Move total to ECX register
    mov     edx, diff        ; Move diff to EDX register
    mov     esi, arrayLength ; Move arrayLength to ESI register

    ; Call DumpReg routine (provided by instructor)
    call    DumpReg          ; Call the routine to display registers

    ; Exit program
    mov     ax, 4ch          ; Exit code for normal termination
    int     21h              ; Interrupt 21h for system call (exit)



1.Data Segment:

  • studentID: Stores your 7-digit student ID as a Double Word (DWORD).
  • leftrighttotaldiff: Defined as WORDs to efficiently store smaller values.
  • message: String “Hello World!” with a null terminator (0).
  • numbers: Array of WORDs initialized with values 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, and 64.

2.Code Segment:

  • MAIN procedure is the program entry point.
  • split_loop: Splits the student ID using division and remainder operations.
  • Arithmetic operations: Calculates sum and difference of left and right.
  • Array length: Assumes 7 elements in the array and stores it in arrayLength.
  • Register moves: Moves variable values into specific registers as instructed.
  • `DumpReg

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