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Data Science combines statistics, programming, and domain expertise to extract insights from data. It has quickly become one of the most popular and in-demand fields to study and pursue as a career. However, with its interdisciplinary nature, many students and academics find they need extra help grasping data science concepts or completing projects.

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The executive director of Columbia University’s Data Science Institute, Jeannette Wing:


“Data science and the ubiquity of data will transform all fields and sectors, from science to government, to business, education, and the humanities. This transformation will bring new capabilities and talent to education and research that were barely imagined a decade ago.”

That’s why our service offers specialized assistance with all facets of data science at the academic level.

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  • Tutoring and mentorship by professional data scientists to help reinforce data science concepts you are struggling with in your courses or research
  • Project design and implementation guidance for data science assignments, capstones, theses, and dissertations
  • Data analysis and machine learning task support to ensure you utilize best practices and achieve sound technical outcomes
  • Writing and presentation aid to help effectively compile reports, visualize findings, and communicate results
  • Curriculum and study planning to ensure you develop the optimal data science skillset needed for your program and goals With customizable options from introductory to advanced, our academic data science experts can provide the exact level of help needed to overcome difficulties and succeed.

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Struggling With Data Science Concepts?

Common trouble areas in grasping modern data science approaches include: probability and statistical testing, machine learning algorithms, Python coding, R analysis syntax, SQL data querying, mathematical foundations, data visualization best practices, predictive modeling techniques, and substantially more. Our blog dives deeper into key concepts students routinely struggle with and how to get clarity.

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Stuck on Your Data Science Project or Dissertation?

Data science projects and dissertations present multifaceted challenges spanning statistical analysis, data wrangling, modeling, and communicating insights. With specialized expertise required across so many interconnected facets, it’s no wonder students often find themselves stuck at some point during their capstones, theses, or dissertations.

Our data science project consulting service has assisted hundreds of students in advancing past points of paralysis or restarting momentum. Backed by a global team of expert facilitators, we provide customized guidance at every stage – from proposal design to results framing to submission-ready write-up.



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Need Help Prepping for a Data Science Exam?

We provide customized practice problems, mock exams mirroring real tests, condensed review sheets, programming refreshers, statistical simulations, and more modalities to ensure you are fully prepared for critical data science assessments. Learn about our specialized exam prep consultation and packages.

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Lacking the Skills for a Data Science Course?

Before beginning an advanced data science program, many students discover they need to reinforce core competencies in programming, statistical analysis, quantitative methods, database proficiency and more. We offer custom curated skill and knowledge building packages to address gaps through coding workshops, statistics immersions, machine learning camps, and one-on-one tutoring to elevate competencies before you start.

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