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Question 1: Investigating Income Distribution in Chicago

a. Describing the Sample Data Distribution

Question: A study investigates the distribution of annual income for heads of households living in public housing in Chicago. For a random sample of size 30, the annual incomes (in thousands of dollars) are in the Chicago data file.

Based on a descriptive graphic, describe the shape of the sample data distribution. Find and interpret point estimates of the population mean and standard deviation.


r for data science

The data appears skewed right with most incomes less than 20,000. The mean income is 15,927 and the standard deviation is 7,991.

b. Constructing a 95% Confidence Interval

Question: Construct a 95% confidence interval for μ, using R software.


r for data science

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Question 2: Analyzing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Data

a. Descriptive Statistical Analysis

Question: The Anorexia data file contains results for cognitive behavioral and family therapies and the control group. Using data for the 17 girls who received family therapy, conduct a descriptive statistical analysis using graphs and numerical summaries.


r for data science

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b. Constructing a 95% Confidence Interval for Weight Changes

Question: Construct a 95% confidence interval for the difference between the population mean weight changes for family therapy and the control.


r for data science

The 95% CI for difference in mean weight change is (0.90, 11.27) lbs. We can conclude the family therapy leads to greater average weight gain compared to the control group.

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